Move Gently — Ole Erik Løvold


It is a paradox that in movement, we find stillness. On foot through lush forests, on a bike down winding mountain roads, in a boat over motionless water - in the midst of these acts, there is an inner quiet. It is as if the consciousness is seduced by the rhythm of the movement, by the workings of the body, the muscles carrying us; but also by the ever-changing sensory impressions, of sounds, smells, light.

To photograph also requires movement. First by the mechanics of the camera, then by the body of the photographer: placing itself in time and space. But the deciding movement is in the mind of the photographer. It is that which determines the photograph’s existence. Move Gently is a series of pictures about movement and stillness, the relation between the two and how they are manifested in photography.

197 mm x 280 mm
Hand Stitched Soft Cover
56 Pages
First Edition of 100
Hand Numbered